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There is a fundamental shift happening in the way citizens and government interact, and in how services are being delivered. Customer expectations and demands are mounting, while your organisation’s budgets are tightening.

Now more than ever, the public sector needs effective citizen engagement strategies to keep people informed, safe and healthy in times of change and uncertainty. Digital communications can help. But only if people engage with your messages and calls-to-action.

So how is your team currently engaging citizens and staff in critical government programmes?

Join us for this one-hour webinar, Citizen Engagement that Supports Change in Modern Government on 29 November at 11am GMT to hear from Nigel Bishop and other public sector comms pros on how citizen engagement strategies impact the key pillars of transformation:

  • Shifting channels and reducing costs.
  • Avoidable contact and efficient delivery.
  • Reducing demand and adding value.
  • Increasing income and generating growth.
  • Changing behaviour and improving outcomes.

Nigel is the author of Engagement for Change, a new seminal whitepaper for public sector communicators and change strategists. This webinar will take a closer look at some of the examples and challenges raised in the whitepaper.


Nigel Bishop
Author of the whitepaper, Nigel will introduce the key themes and importance of effective citizen engagement in modern government.

Shelley Bellamy, Vale of Glamorgan Council
Learn how the council is using two-way SMS to make its housing services more efficient, keep staff safe and boost customer engagement.

Tom Slater, Solihull Council
Find out how digital communications are supporting Solihull in its channel shift missions, reducing avoidable contact and costs to the council.